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Delivered to your address of choice

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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Create your personalised laptop case in no time at all! Discover a wide range of laptop cases. Will you choose an elegant engraved leather laptop case or a soft laptop case printed with the photo(s) of your choice?

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Personalized Laptop Sleeve

How can you best protect your laptop while on the go? Our cool, practical personalized laptop sleeves are perfect for anyone who uses a laptop and can be personalised with the name, photo, logo, collage and/or text of your choice. This makes them perfect for your own laptop, as a gift or for business purposes. Whichever brand or size laptop you have, we have the perfect laptop sleeve for you.

Personalized Laptop Sleeve for Work

For those commuting to and from work, a laptop sleeve really is a must, as it protects your laptop and helps to keep your bag organized. The laptop sleeve offers enough space for your laptop, cables and charger. Being such a practical gift, our laptop sleeves are perfect if you’re an employer looking to surprise your employees with an original gift to thank them for their hard work, welcome new employees or congratulate them on a work anniversary.

Personalized Laptop Sleeve for Students

No two students are the same, and they often have varying preferences for where they like to study, which means their laptop often travels wherever they do, from a coffee shop to the library to a friend’s house. Having your very own personalized laptop sleeve is perfect, as it will prevent the laptop from being damaged and will always allow the owner to instantly recognise which laptop is theirs, as well as putting a smile on their face due to the unique design. All of this makes a personalized laptop sleeve the perfect gift for a loved one starting a new course or study, so add your favourite photo, name and/or text of your choice and surprise them.

Personalized Laptop Sleeve as a Graduation Gift

If a loved one has recently graduated or passed their exams, a personalized laptop sleeve is the perfect way to congratulate them on their achievement and wish them all the best for their new job or further studies. You could go for a neoprene laptop sleeve featuring a photo, name and/or message, or opt for an engraved leather laptop sleeve featuring the name or text of your choice.

Personalized Laptop Sleeve featuring your Design

Creating your personalised laptop sleeve for yourself, as a gift or for business purposes is easy! Simply add the photo(s), name(s) and/or text of your choice in our online editor to create a unique, personal gift in no time at all. We also offer fun designs to choose from, ranging from Father’s- and Mother’s Day designs to designs for teachers and designs featuring motivational quotes, so there’s something for everyone!

Laptop Sleeves available in various Sizes

Our laptop sleeves are available in various sizes so that we can cater to everyone’s needs. Our neoprene laptop sleeve and leather laptop sleeve are available in small, medium and large sizes, from 30 x 23 cm to 38 x 28 cm. They are suitable for Macbooks and laptops by Acer, HP, Chromebooks, Dell, Lenovo and more. We have the perfect personalisable laptop sleeve for every laptop owner.

Personalized engraved Leather Laptop Sleeve

Our leather laptop sleeve is made of high-quality vegetable-tanned full grain buffalo leather with a soft lining for added protection. The chique cognac-coloured exterior gives this laptop sleeve a refined look and feel, making it a wonderful gift. Simply add the recipient’s name and one of our designs in our online editor to create a stylish gift. We will engrave your design into the leather laptop sleeve using our high-quality laser-engraving technique, ensuring the design will last. Please do note that, as leather is a natural product, the result may vary slightly from the images shown on the product page, but this is what makes each gift unique.

Personalized neoprene Laptop Sleeve

If you’re looking for a laptop sleeve that’s sturdy, flexible and stylish, our neoprene laptop sleeves are the ones for you. Neoprene is a soft, flexible material, which will offer optimum protection for your laptop. As the material has some elasticity, the thickness of the laptop is irrelevant. Simply add the photo(s), design, name, logo and/or text of your choice in our online editor. We will then print this into the neoprene, picture-perfect and in full colour.

Personalized portable File Holder

Our laptop sleeves are fantastic at protecting your laptop, but can also double as stylish file holders. If you have meetings to attend or a portfolio to show around, simply add them to your laptop sleeve for convenience and ease. It will keep your documents safe, dry and wrinkle-free until you need them.