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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Gear up for school in style! Customize a school or office accessory with a nice photo and text. The perfect gift idea for someone who has just started a new job or is going back to school.

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The coolest school supplies with your own name or photo

Back to school! It's time to go to school again and of course you want to do that in style with some unique supplies that will make your time in class more fun. How nice would it be to see your favorrite photos every time you open your school agenda? Or see your best summer vacation photos in your notebook?

You can easily design your school supplies online in our editor. You upload the photos of your choice, add a name or text and the next day you will already receive everything at home!

Design your own school agenda

Are you looking for a unique agenda? Then design it yourself with your own photos on the front and back. You can choose from various designs and prints such as flowers, hearts, tigers, pineapples or oranges. Add your own photo and name and you have a calendar that will surely make you the coolest in class! You can choose one with a hardcover or a softcover. Covered over two pages you see the days of that week starting on Monday and ending on Sunday.

Writing folder, notebook and pencil case

You can also design your writing folder, notebook and pencil case according to your own taste. You can choose from a notebook that you can print all around with your own photo or design or a notebook where you only place something on the front. The notebooks are available in hardcover and softcover and in A5 format. You can choose from various designs such as flowers, a flamingo or cats. You can also upload a photo yourself to have it printed on the notebook.

Do you have to take a lot of notes during class or a lecture and do you want to do it in style? Then design your own writing folder. You can upload your own photo and text, but you can also choose from a number of our nice prints and designs here. We have designs specifically for teachers, for fathers and mothers or playful designs with cacti or with donuts .If you would always like to look at your best photos, you can also make a writing folder with your own photo collage. With the photo folder you get an A4 notepad and you can easily replace it yourself when it's gone.

Are you a big fan of pencil cases? Design your own pencil case according to your own taste. Here too, we can print the box with a photo or text of your choice. If you are not that creative yourself, you can use our designs with fun patterns and prints. This way you can design your own nice pencil case made of sturdy pewter. If you really want to go all out, have your own pen engraved with a text or name of your choice!

Lunch box, drinking cup and water bottle

During your break it is time for lunch that you have packed yourself in your personalised lunch box, snack box or drinking cup. In our assortment you will find pink, blue and green lunch boxes that you can put your own name on. Very handy if you have two girls at home who both want the pink lunchbox (or both the blue or green!). You immediately know which lunch box belongs to whom. Drinking cups come in various colours, shapes and sizes. For example, there is the well-known standard school cup in blue, green or pink that you can personalise with your own photo. For the little ones there is a cute children's drinking cup with an aluminum inside so that the drink stays nice and cool. You can choose from the design with pink or blue ears. You can have a photo of your choice printed on the cup. Would you rather have your own unique bamboo water bottle or metal water bottle, that is of course also possible!


Whether you are about to attend university or are looking for a backpack for your children, we at YourSurprise have the perfect personalised backpack for you. Each backpack is created with love by according to your needs and wishes for customization. On our site you can find a selection of different models:

  • Backpack for kids with name: Available in four colors, padded and with different compartments. A super comfortable backpack to customize with a design and name!
  • Personalised leather backpack: Available in two sizes, this stylish backpack can be personalised with a name, laser engraved on the eco leather.
  • Gym Bags: Choose your favorite gym bag in the shape of an animal, perfect for preschool and personalised with a photo.

Personalised accessories for the office

After the holidays, it's time to go back to the office. Start fresh with personalized office material and make work a moment of fun! You can start from your computer workstation, with a Mouse pad with photo. Choose your favorite holiday photo, so you can look back on happy memories everyday. For a more elegant result you can opt for a leather mouse pad, engraved with your name. Protect your laptop with a new laptop case, engraved with your name on our leather case or customized in colour on our fabric version. To take notes, you can't miss the custom pens: with your name, so no one will steal them again! Finally, don't forget your personalised 2024/2025 agenda, to write down important meetings.

School and back to school supplies

Welcome to our dedicated page for school and back to school personalised supplies! It's that time of the year again, where we exchange our beach towels for books and our flip flops for school shoes. We know how important it is to express your personality and stand out, which is why we offer a range of personalised school supplies to kick start your academic year in style.

Get your kids excited for school with personalised school supplies with name and/or photo

With all the school supplies out there, why should you choose personalised school supplies? Here some reasons:

  1. Personalised school supplies can help students feel more connected to their school and their studies. By having their name or initials on their supplies, they are less likely to misplace or lose them, which can lead to less stress and more focus on learning.
  2. Customised school supplies can also help students express their individuality and creativity. They can choose designs, colours, and fonts that reflect their personality and style, which can boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Using personalised school supplies can also promote a sense of ownership and responsibility. When students have items that are uniquely theirs, they are more likely to take care of them and keep them organised. This can lead to better study habits and a more productive learning environment.
  4. Finally, personalised school supplies can be a fun and exciting way to start the school year. Students can look forward to choosing and using their customised items, which can help ease the transition back to school and make the experience more enjoyable overall.

Personalised stationery: Make a statement in the classroom

There are several school supplies with a name a personalisation students can choose from. Some of them include:

  • Pencil case with a name and design
  • Drawing set with a photo
  • Engraved pens
  • Cute animal children's backpack
  • PU leather backpack with a name
  • Laptop sleeve with a photo or leather laptop case with a name
  • Personalised gym bag
  • Lunchboxes with name
  • And many more personalised school supplies!

Back to school supplies shopping: Essentials for every student

Back to school is the time that precedes the start of the year; the moment to transition from the relaxing summer holidays to a more structured environment of learning and growth. It's also the time to get ready and make sure to have all the school supplies in place!

With our back to school items you can find supplies for every age group. From cute backpacks with animals to more adult's PU leather backpacks and from drawing sets to personalised pencil cases, there is a school supply for everyone!

Back to school deals and promotions: Save money while shopping for personalised supplies

There's no denying the thrill of heading back to school with a backpack full of brand new, personalised supplies. Those bespoke pencil cases, customised notebooks, and that unique water bottle you've picked out - they all make the return to school that much more exciting. But what's even more exciting is the chance to save money while doing so, thanks to our back to school deals and promotions.

Our back to school sales are designed with parents and students in mind, providing excellent value for money on a wide range of personalised supplies. We understand that every penny counts, and our promotional offers ensure you can get all the essentials without breaking the bank.