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Looking for inspiration for a surprise gift for your brother? Check out our personalised gifts for brothers and show him just how much your special bond means to you.

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Surprise him with personalised gifts for brother

Brothers can drive us up the wall sometimes, but they are also the ones that are always by your side. You grew up with them and they’re often the person or people that know you best.

Choosing personalised gifts for brothers can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Consider his interests and hobbies, and try to find a gift that aligns with them. Perhaps you can create a funny gift or go for something a little more on the emotional side, depending on the occasion and what you think he’d prefer.

Whether you are looking for a gift for an older brother or a gift for a younger brother, we’ve got you covered! From Christmas gifts for brothers to birthday and wedding gifts and gifts for no occasion at all other than wanting to treat him or let him know you’re thinking of him; YourSurprise is the right place for you.

The best gifts for brothers from sisters

If you grew up together, you probably have funny photos of him as a child. Why not incorporate these photos into a gift? How about a fleece photo blanket, or magic mug? For a funny gift, personalise our ItsieMe bunny toy with a photo of his face on it or use a photo to create a personalised tie.

The most unique birthday gift for brother

Your brother is getting older? Time to celebrate him with a gift! Many times the mistake when buying a gift is to buy something that you like. Instead, think about what your brother might like. If he’s the kind of person that doesn't share much about himself within the family, ask his friends or partner; they might have some ideas to help you out.

Or, if you are wondering what the best birthday gifts for brothers are, we have some suggestions for you.

  • If he’s a bit of a foodie, a very popular gift for brother is a giant bar of chocolate, including a selection of his favourite chocolate bars
  • If he likes to party, go for a personalised cocktail shaker and a bottle of his favourite drink
  • If he likes to take it easy and relax, how about a bathrobe embroidered with his name?
  • If he’s a gamer, he might like an XXL personalised mousemat
  • For a sporty brother, go for a personalised water bottle so that he can stay hydrated during his workout sessions
  • The brother who enjoys cooking for the whole family is sure to love a personalised kitchen accessory, from chopping boards to aprons; there’s plenty of choice!

Gift ideas for brother: be inspired and surprise him!

You can never have too much inspiration, which is why we want to provide you with the very best gift ideas for brothers to make sure you are covered for every situation! There are many ways to surprise your brother and make him feel special. For example, instead of just a gift, you can combine it with planning a surprise outing or activity that you know he will enjoy, such as a day trip to his favourite city or a visit to a theme park. You could also organise a surprise party for him with his friends and family. Spending some quality time together is definitely the best gift you can give him! On top of that, you can also surprise your brother with a gift. Here some gift ideas for brothers that we are sure will make him smile:

  • A pair of personalised photo socks
  • An engraved lighter
  • A funny photo doormat
  • A set of engraved shot glasses
  • An engraved leather wallet

Wedding gifts for brothers

Are you on the hunt for the perfect wedding gift for your brother? Look no further! Our collection of wedding presents will put such a big smile on his face. How about a pair of matching personalised bathrobes? If your brother enjoys wine, consider a set of wine glasses featuring the happy couple’s names, so they can raise a toast in style. Another unique gift idea would be to put together a wedding survival kit, including all kinds of personalised gifts, both useful and funny. No matter what you go for, our selection of unique gifts will make your brother's wedding day even more unforgettable.

The key is to make your gift personal and thoughtful, and to show your brother that you appreciate and care for him. For more inspiration check out all gifts for him.