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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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Unlock the power of personalization with our range of personalised mouse mats! Add a personal touch to your workspace and elevate your desk game with a unique mouse mat designed exclusively for you.

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Create your own personalised mouse mats

If a holiday or a celebration is coming up, you might be in the process of thinking about a suitable gift for friends or family. Perhaps for a colleague leaving for another job or a friend graduating from school.

A mouse mat is a great gift to celebrate the special moments in life, even more if it’s a personalised one! With YourSurprise you can create your own personalised mouse mats with your photo, text and/or name.

Why opt for a mouse mat with a personalisation?

Almost everyone needs a mousepad. However, most of the designs available on the market range from boring to over-the-top. You have to rely on the tastes and preferences of others. So, if you like to be a little more creative with your gifts, you can choose the design and details yourself. This turns a simple office item into a customised item with a personal story. Of course, a mousepad like this also makes an excellent gift for almost any age group. It's not just everyday office life that can be livened up a little. It also adds some much-needed accents to the home desk.

What variants are available?

If you are looking into personalised mouse mats, know that the first thing you should reflect on is the size.

XXL mouse mats provide a generous surface area for smooth cursor movement, ideal for gamers or those who work on intricate design projects. A larger surface gives you also the opportunity to go for more intricate designs or photo collages.

On the other hand, a smaller mouse mat is perfect for minimalistic workstations at home or in the office.

The best materials for personalised mouse mats

Mousepads are available in different materials. Our regular mouse mat and the XXL version are made of black rubber with a white polyester top layer. They also have a non-slip base that offers stability and reliability, allowing you to navigate your tasks with ease.

A leather mouse pad is a more luxury option. Leather is known for its durability, ensuring that your mouse mat will stand the test of time, even with daily use.

The material used for these leather mouse mats is high-quality vegetable-tanned full-grain buffalo leather.

Personalisation methods for your mouse mats

When talking about personalised mouse mats, printing is the most popular option. Text, photos, logos, designs… All this is no problem with modern printing technology. If you have opted for a leather version, then engraving is the better option. Although the designs are more limited as a result, they lose relatively little of their sharpness and legibility over time.

Personalising your mouse mat step by step

Personalising a mousepad is very easy. You simply upload the elements you would like to use in your design as a file in our editor. You can then arrange them directly in the editor the way that suits you best. You can then add other design elements such as boxes of texts or select one of our unique designs that can be enriched with your personalisation.

Finally, you will see the end result as a virtual representation so that you can have an idea on how this will look once it’s finished.

The best gift for every occasion

Whether for Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Easter, personalised gifts are more popular than ever before. And you can design the mousepad yourself with pictures and text so that the recipient will literally recognise themselves in the print. You can also incorporate shared memories into the gift. This way you can show the recipient what is important to you. Of course, humour is also a must for a gift like this. Funny photos with inside jokes create a great atmosphere and remind everyone of the good times we had together.