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Valentine’s Day from afar: 6 tips for surprising your special someone

Valentine’s Day from afar: 6 tips for surprising your special someone

Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers. Surprising each other with gifts, enjoying a romantic meal and cuddling up. However, not everyone can spend Valentine’s Day with their partner, perhaps due to working, studying or living abroad or far away. Being apart is never easy, which is why surprising your lover with an unexpected gift on Valentine’s Day is a great idea. We’ve listed 6 of our tips for creating special memories, even if you can’t be together.

We can ship your Valentine’s Day gift almost anywhere in the world, whether your lover is located in North-America, South-America, Asia or Eastern- or Western Europe.

Tip #1: Re-live your favourite moments together

There’s nothing better than creating memories together, whether you’ve only just got together or have been together for years. Either way, you will have (some) photos of your adventures together, so surprise your partner with a personalised photo album and have it delivered straight to their door. You could also go for retro photo prints!

Tip #2: Organise a digital dinner date

If you can’t get together in real life, the next best thing is digital. Set up Skype or Facetime and take your time to enjoy dinner together. You could agree to cook the same meal, to give the illusion of being at the same table. If you’d like to surprise your special someone with the perfect gift for this occasion, go for a delicious bottle of wine featuring a photo of the two of you, or have beautiful wine glasses engraved with your names.

Tip #3: Send them a hug

If you can’t be there in person to give them a hug, have a lovely soft cuddly toy personalised for them to hold. Add the photo of your choice and sweet message on the free message card. Go for a 96cm mega bear or a 135 cm giant bear.

Tip #4: say it with chocolate

You can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially if the chocolate includes a sweet message in which you’re letting your partner know how much you love them! Send them a tasty Milka gift box in the shape of a heart or create a personalised chocolate telegram. These gifts fit through a letterbox, making them perfect for sending straight to your partner’s address.

Tip #5: Send them a unique, romantic greeting card

If you’d like to let your partner know just how much they mean to you, but would like to do this is in a more romantic way than sending a simple text, create a personalised wooden card or greeting cardfeaturing a sweet photo and your message of love.

Tip #6: Give them a lasting keepsake

Sometimes you want to give your partner something that they can keep for a long, long time. How about a beautiful engraved pendant featuring your initials, a photo or your name? We also offer lovely engraved bracelets that your partner will love.

Tips for maintaining a long-distance relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship isn’t always easy, and it can be very tempting to focus on what you’re missing, such as having dinner together, hugs, sharing a bed and someone to ask you how your day was when you come home. But focusing on the negatives will only make things harder, and really missing someone will show you just how much you love them. Below are some tips to help make it easier to deal with not being together.

Fake it ‘til you make it: If you would normally enjoy a glass of wine and talk through your day together after getting home from work, keep doing that! Set up a video call through Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp and keep the routine going, so you can stay connected.
Keep the faith: Had a bad day? Not feeling great? Feeling a bit lonely? Share your feelings with your partner, but don’t be upset that they can’t physically be there for you. Simply let them know if you’re struggling, so that they can offer comfort through words.
Do things together: You can still get together to play a game, even if it’s digitally. The same goes for watching a movie or reading a book. Just get on a video call and do your thing. The beauty of having the call open, even in the background, is that it allows you to have a natural conversation as things come to you.
Allow yourself moments of sadness: Sometimes, the best thing is to just feel your feelings and have a good cry. Our tip would be to give yourself the space to do so, as long as it’s not for extended periods of time.
Don’t forget Valentine’s Day: When you’re apart, these moments are all the more important. Show your partner that they are loved and missed through actions, as well as words. Have a gift or letter delivered to their door. The main thing is to show them they’re on your mind.

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