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asking a godparent gifts

How to ask a loved one to be a godparent to your little one

Godparents are chosen before birth, and are then the most important people in the child's upbringing aside from the parents. From birth onwards, the godparents are there for each and every step - from communions to birthdays, from days out to offering life advice. Godfathers and godmothers also often give the child gifts. Who should you choose as godparents? What is a godfather- or godmother’s role exactly? And how do you ask a loved one to be a godfather or godmother?

The tradition of godparents

When a child was born and baptised in the church, a godfather and godmother were also appointed. They were then witnesses to the baptism, which is similar to witnesses at a wedding. Often, the godfather and godmother came from within the family and the godparents were given the noncommittal task of helping to bring up the baptised child, but they were also appointed in case something ever happened to the child’s parents.

Godparent responsibilities

Nowadays, the designated godparents are often the parent’s best friends, the people they trust the most to raise their child in a worst case scenario. The nice thing about a godfather and godmother is that they can be closely involved in the child’s life, enjoying all of the ups and downs with the parents. As they age, the child can turn to the godfather and godmother for advice if, for example, they find it difficult to talk to their parents. Most people consider it a great honour to be asked, so why not make the moment extra special with a personalised gift?

Asking a loved one to be a godmother or godfather

Once you’ve decided who you’d like to ask to be godfather and godmother to your little one, it’s time to think about how you’ll pop the question. Asking a potential godparent to take on this role doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, but it is a very personal moment, which can be made even more memorable with a personalised gift.

Great gifts for godfathers

Godfathers... they will always be there for you. There are many ways to ask a loved one to be a godfather. A personalised key ring featuring the little one’s name and naming him as their godfather is a great way to remind him of this important role every day. Our XXL Côte d'Or bar is also an ideal gift for a potential godfather, as it can be personalised with the name, photo and a personal message of your choice. A personalised pen is also a great option, as it’s a true classic and can be personalised with, for example, the little one’s name. Another great fantastic option is to celebrate his new title with our personalised Belgian beer gift set. You could even include a personalised beer glass, as included in this Duvel beer gift set with engraved glass.

Great gifts for godmothers

It all depends on how big you want to go when asking a loved one to be a godmother to your child. You can keep it small, with a cute personalised romper or wooden heart featuring the question "Will you be my godmother?" or "Godmother Sofie", for example. If you’d prefer to go bigger, go for something like our personalised Milka chocolate heart or a personalised bottle of wine. Sometimes a godmother feels like a second mum from birth, so it can be very special to capture that bond with a piece of jewellery. Our personalised mother / daughter bracelet is highly suitable for this, as the godmother can wear the bracelet proudly and there’s a cute gift waiting for the goddaughter until she is old enough to wear a bracelet herself.

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